Dom Hernler packs his wakeboard and winch and starts an unique roadtrip to hit Austria’s weirs.

After being sidelined by a knee injury, pro-wakeboarder Dominik Hernler came up with the idea to do a road trip around Austria and take wakeboarding to spots, which have never been ridden before. Dom travels the world for the larger part of the year and is no stranger to podiums, but the project he had in mind, was something completely different. After his surgery he had quite some time to dive into a thorough search on Google Maps and quickly realized that his home country has a ton of rideable spots on offer.

Austria is full of lakes and veined with beautiful streams, therefore it was easy to find weirs and barrages and turn them into winching spots. The decision, which spots to hit was hard, but as soon the crew was ready, there was no holding back. The first three days Dom, his photographer Sam Strauss and a crew of filmers went from Vorchdorf to Neuhofen an der Krems to Grünburg and Purgstall. Everywhere they showed up, they were welcomed with open arms and good vibes and when they unexpectedly found another perfect spot, the boys were frothing. Bad weather and heavy rains stopped them for a day, but the 24-year-old Carinthian used the chance to go wild on his skateboard.

The boys will be on tour for a whole week, push the limits in this unusual environment and enjoy to the change to the daily routine at the lakes. More action to come!

Photo Credit: Sam Strauss (