The Wake Park Project, in association with Sesitec cables and UNIT obstacles, is proud to announce a new System 2 location at Woodward camp Pennsylvania.

The System 2 will join with the already amazing facilities Woodward has to offer, and use on a daily basis to push forward the development of all levels of board sports. Known as a leader in gymnastics, skateboard, BMX and the snowboard world, we are excited to be working with Woodward on pushing forward wakeboarding to new heights. The Wake Park Project and Woodward share a common goal, to push our sport to amazing new levels, to achieve what has never been achieved before.

Joining the System 2.0, is a UNIT obstacles Incline rail, once again showing that UNIT is the best choice for cable park obstacles. With it’s ‘no screws’ HDPE construction, it is the safest and most durable rail system for any rail park, especially when there are beginner riders on the water.

The Wake Park Project would like to thank Gary Ream, Brandon Ream and Mike Jackie for their vision and dedication to action sports. We look forward to working with the Woodward team over the course of this season and many more seasons to come.

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For booking your ride at the new Woodward Sesitec System 2.0, visit their website at