Believe it or not I don’t have to wait until I land in Singapore to fill you in on Worlds. I’m emailing this out from 35,000 feet over Canada 4 hours into a 14 hour flight to Korea then onto Singapore. This raises the question why can’t we use our telephones on the plane? It seems like if I can check my space from 6 miles up I should be able to make a call. Sorry I’m getting a bit off subject. I actually wanted to talk a little about the Worlds this past weekend. It was a pretty tough format with a four man semifinals heat that cut three. You had to win your semifinals heat just to make it to the 5 man final. The wind conditions in the semis were pretty mellow and everyone was able to step up their riding, making the semis one of the most competitive of the year. When it came to the finals the wind picked up a bit and made the far end of the course pretty hard to ride. I’d never been so pumped to hit a 313 in my life. I was third off the dock behind Murray and Rusty and had a run I was pleased with it, but I knew Danny or Tino could take it down for sure. At the end of the day I was fortunate enough that my run held out, and I ended up on the podium with two good friends that have definitely always pushed my riding. Much like after the Worlds win in 04 I just keep expecting to wake up and realize the world championships and the high speed internet on the plane were just some crazy dream.