Riders Battle to Advance in Final Stop of Wake Park Triple Crown


Orlando, Florida – September 14, 2013 – The Orlando Watersports Complex played host to some insane wakeboarding as riders of all shapes, sizes, abilities, age ranges, and backgrounds sought to move on to the final day of the last stop of the Wake Park Triple Crown. A record number of pro men (52) kicked the day off in Pro Men Features Only division and from the get-go the action was hot and heavy.

Fans lined the shore on a hot and sunny Saturday to cheer on everybody from the youngest riders, like little Taylor Hintze, to up and coming rippers like Australia’s Aaron Gunn, to hometown favorites like Austin Pratt, to seasoned veterans like Tom Foshee. The atmosphere was full of fun and next-level riding. The divisions for all levels of riding, the Wake Park Triple Crown series gives everybody an opportunity to compete and see how their own riding stacks up against that of their peers.

The fiercest battles might just have come in the second round of Pro Men’s Features. With guys regularly throwing double flips and 900’s, the pressure was on from the get-go just to get through and make it to the quarterfinal round. Highlights included Austin Pratt’s unbelievable transfer and jib lines, Tom Fooshee’s stomped Pete 7’s, Bob Soven’s mute back mobe 5, Steffen Vollert’s grabbed toeside backside 7, and a heck of a lot more. The judges had a very unenviable task on their hands when it came time to determine who would make it to the quarterfinals and who was sent packing.

All of the crazy action from Saturday just means the final rounds on Sunday are going to be totally off the charts. If you’re in the Orlando area and looking for something to do, head out to the Orlando Watersports Complex to watch the best cable and park riding the planet has to offer. The riding kicks off at 9:00 AM with the Pro Wakeskate division. Be there or be square.

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Jimmy LaRiche getting ready to ride


Young gun James Windsor is one of the best all-around cable riders in the world



Austin Pratt was a crowd favorite on Saturday. Partly because he’s a hometown hero, but mainly because he was going huge


Tom Fooshee and Brenton Priestley after an insane second round battle in the Pro Men’s Features division


Sophie Hogben doing her best to make it through in the Pro Women’s Features division


Hanging out in the Slingshot area



Taylor Hintze might have been the littlest rider on Saturday, but she had the biggest smile by far


Hoops up at O-Dub


Noah Flegel intent on making his presence known in the world of wake park contests