Not to long ago I got a call from Correct Craft asking me if I could do them a favor. I figured they wanted me to go to some sort of event to talk about the best wake in the world, but this favor wa a bit different.

correct craft -“Hey Jeff, how many hour do you think you put on a boat in a week?”

me – “Uhh, I don’t know maybe 7 or 8?”

correct craft -“How about putting 10 on a brand new 236 over the weekend, we’ll cover the gas…?”

me – “Uhhhh…well this weekend is looking pretty busy for me, I was going to return some things to target and do some laundry sooooo….you’ll owe me bigtime.”

Ok Ok so that wasn’t my real response…Of coarse I said yes please and before I knew it the boat was at my house and ready to shred…

10 hours is a lot of hours to put on a boat so I knew I would need to gather a crew to help me out. I gathered some college friends who are always buging me to take them wally-boating and the game was on. We basically brought everything you could ride behind a boat EXCEPT a wakeboard. It was supposed to be a watersports enlightenment / revival of all watersports that wakeboarding has left in its wakes. Kneeboarding, tubing, barefooting, slalom, wakeskating, boatsurfing and more. Even the dogs had a blast.

The highlight of the weekend was when my buddy Gerald (40 something years old) was kneeboarding doubles with his sun and asked my to tow him by the ski jump. Nobody in the boat wanted me to do it because we were all afraid that we would be driving him to the hospital afterwards, but it ended up being one of those things where you just had to do it to make him happy, so away we went. He came charging into the ramp, up and off the end dropping down to the perfect landing. It was by far the most awesome dismount I have ever seen on a kneeboard and it was performed by someone twice our age.

Next time you head out on the water do yourself a favor and throw the ski and kneeboard in the boat…you won’t regret it.