Alliance Wake Magazine’s Old School Contest presented by Axis Boats with support from Elysian went down on Tuesday, Sept 4th at Freedom Wake Park in the heart of Orlando. The invited riders were all stoked to get to hang for a day with other iconic riders and focus strictly on having fun and riding with that 90’s style. The contest was pulled by the all new 2019 Axis T23 which gave the riders a perfect wake to get rad with. Check out everyone’s lines (mainly their mandatory fashion airs) and vote for your favorite fashion air and the $1,000 Lead Wake “Best Fashion Air” award. Vote now!

Mike Weddington

Guenther Oka

Lewy Watt

Shaun Murray

Parks Bonifay

Rusty Malinoski

Shane Bonifay

Dylan Miller

Luca Kidd

Tom Fooshee

Shawn Watson

Cobe Mikacich

2018 Old School Contest - Vote for Your Favorite Fashion Air!

  • Luca Kidd (25%, 506 Votes)
  • Shaun Murray (17%, 348 Votes)
  • Mike Weddington (14%, 281 Votes)
  • Cobe Mikacich (13%, 269 Votes)
  • Shawn Watson (5%, 108 Votes)
  • Tom Fooshee (5%, 104 Votes)
  • Lewy Watt (4%, 88 Votes)
  • Parks Bonifay (4%, 81 Votes)
  • Dylan Miller (4%, 77 Votes)
  • Guenther Oka (4%, 72 Votes)
  • Shane Bonifay (2%, 46 Votes)
  • Rusty Malinoski (2%, 34 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,014

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