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As most are being quiet as they drive off of hole three, Wakesurf Nationals 2013 was there to bring some excitement to Callaway Gardens. The amazing riders and great music to pump up the crowd, had the entire lake in party mode. Nautique boats, Phase 5, and Agenda Surf set the tone for an amazing contest by playing host to this years National Championships at Callaway Gardens in Georgia. The waves were most definitely endless as they roared behind the Natique G23 with NSS all weekend.  Pro riders from all over were slashing and spinning the surf, as well as amateur and outlaw riders showing off their skills.  As Agenda Surf team riders and Phase 5s very own Drew Danielo were on the live feed most all weekend, everyone around the nation had the chance to feel like they were at the event. Nationals at Callaway Gardens is an event like none other and is a must attend event if you have the chance to compete or watch if you ever have the chance to go. Riders in the all division were riding for there chance at an invite to the World Championships at Las Vegas, NV in September.  Rounding out the Outlaw and Pro spots were; Outlaw skim rider Trevor Fearson, Outlaw surf rider Chris Bank, Outlaw female surf Jordan Wolf, Pro mens skim Keenan Flegel, Pro men surf Keenan Flegel, Pro women skim Bri Chmel, and Pro women surf Raleigh Hager.  All riders at this event were showing an amazing spectacle of skill riding behind the Nautique G23 and its amazing wave, which can change from port to starboard with just the flip of a switch.  On behalf of Phase 5, Nautique boats, and Agenda Surf, Nationals 2013 was one of the best wake surfing events put on to date.

Text and Photos by Kyle Austin