Merced, CA JUNE 20, 2014; Centurion Boats recently dug a new wider and deeper test lake adjacent to their Merced, California factory. The Lake Centurion project is a half-million dollar investment in the company’s wake surfing future. Centurion, the worldwide leader in watersports wake development, invested in the test lake to maintain its leadership in the development of wake enhancing technology for wake surfing and wake boarding.

Centurion created the wake surfing movement in 1995 when it introduced the first wake surfing towboat called The Wave. Now, due to slower speeds and less demand on the body, the pastime is hugely popular and is the number one activity among new watersports towboat buyers. To maintain its leadership in the development of wake enhancing technology, Centurion ordered the lake improvement, including deepening it by eight feet, to give researchers the opportunity to immediately test new technologies such as the all new CATS system. The deeper lake better simulates real-world conditions where towboats are commonly used.

Les Clark Vice President of Manufacturing said, “Wake surfing has been at the epicenter of our culture for more nearly 20 years. We are into wake surfing so much that we built a lake specifically for testing the new technologies that we have coming soon! Now our R&D team will be able to go from design to concept and test it immediately. Coupled with the recent industry leading sales news, it’s an exciting time to be in the marine industry and especially at Centurion.“

According to the NMMA, growth in sales of inboard powered watersports towboats are currently leading the boating industry ahead of all other propulsion and use categories. In the first quarter of 2014, Centurion recorded the highest percent increase in year-over-year sales among all towboat manufacturers. Lake Centurion is the latest tool in the arsenal that Centurion engineers use to produce more innovative and build better boats.

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