1. I started surfing when I was 10 years old! I started out wakeboarding and I joined this program called “Wakin’ Up” where I wakesurfed for the first time. The first board I rode was a Hyperlite Landlock and it was at least a couple feet taller than me! I remember thinking it was super scary because I kept running into the back of the boat. It took a couple times before I really enjoyed it mostly because of how much I loved wakeboarding and how much my legs hurt afterward!

2. Here in central MN our wakesurf season is really May-Sept. We never know when the ice is going to go off in the Spring and I’m not a huge fan of surfing in 40 degree water temps. Getting back into wakesurfing in the spring has never been too tough for me because the snowboard season can sometimes run right up to the first surf comps. A lot of people ask me how I practice in the winter, but I have always seen snowboarding as a cross training tool for wakesurfing. I am a competitive snowboarder so I ride 3 to 4x a week for several hours. I also do some skateboarding in the summer, which gives me inspiration for new wakesurfing tricks.

3. Brigade was my first board sponsor and they got me my first surf-style board back in 2013. It was super cool to me because I was going to be with the same company as the Witherell Brothers. At the time, Brigade was only doing surf style boards and the company was just growing. However, I convinced them to design a skim style for me and I still ride that same board today. It has been an awesome couple of years working with Shawn Wright (the owner of Brigade) and he has always been supportive of everything I do. They have stuck with me and helped me to get where I am today by promoting me on social media and helping me get to events in order to get my name out there. Shawn’s like a big brother to me.

4. I was naturally drawn to skim style because of my interest in skateboarding. When I was younger, I thought surf style was silly because at that time, surf style was reserved for mostly bottom turns and airs. I thought skim was way cooler because you could do more tricks. Nowadays, this is not the case. Surf style riders are doing crazy tricks that I thought were just for the skimmers. Last summer, I decided to take the fin out of my skimmer just to mess around and try tricks after I saw some of the cool stuff ocean skimmers were doing online. It ended up being way too much fun and now I can’t ride with a fin in! I had to sacrifice some tricks and style but going finless helped me learn some bigger tricks like the 540 shuv and the 540 bigspin.

5. Wakesurfing is unique because it really is a sport for the whole family. I have seen some really young kids get up on wakesurfers and I have also seen some of the older generation surf. My family all helped to get my grandma up and riding a couple summers ago! She even let go of the rope. I always tell people, anyone can surf.

6. Wakesurfing really could be anything in five years! With Noah Flegel’s huge wakesurf backflip and Austin Keen’s crazy skims, I have no idea what to expect. Wave and boat technology keeps getting more advanced so hopefully we can see some real barrels in the future! I really hope we can start to see more aerials and more snowboard-like tricks.

7. I love the wave behind my 2017 Supreme s226! When we were buying a boat, we really rode every brand and ended up going with Supreme for its clean wave and its price. We prefer to lean the boat slightly, but you can also weight it evenly and use the surf system. My specific settings are: 10.4 mph, trim plate at 10% or less, surf plate at 75%, and fill all the ballast on the rider’s side.

8. I’ve always looked up to Tommy Czeschin with his super aggressive style. I also admire how long he has been doing the sport and his dedication. I have known Tommy for a long while and he was super cool to me even when I was just the little kid at the surf competition. Its always fun to talk to him because he is also into snowboarding. In fact, he is the coach for the U.S Women’s Snowboard Team.

9. This summer I don’t have too much set in stone yet. I hope to travel as much as my parents let me! I think it’s super sick meeting new people and seeing unfamiliar states. I have wakesurf competitions in Washington, Utah and MN in the next couple months. I am super excited that the World Championships are going to be in British Columbia, Canada this September. The venue looks amazing.

10. In a perfect world, my ideal day would start on some frozen water. I’d wake up to fresh powder, snowboard for a couple hours then hit the lake. I’d finish the day with a sunset surf on a glassy mountain lake. Couldn’t beat surfing and snowboarding in the same day!