The sun beams down on the dock, a thick layer of dew covers the interior of the boat, the birds chirp awaking from the trees, and the smell of bacon is in the air. Spring is here! It’s April, and most of you have dusted off your boards by now in preparation for the season ahead.

My Instagram feed is starting to fill with images and videos of you all ripping your waves and the stoke is in the air. Growing up in the 90’s I had to wait for the magazine to arrive in my mailbox (the thing out by the street) to see what the pros were up to for the season. It’s a different era now and instant gratification is a real thing. But there is a gold value to print, not everyone has the opportunity to have a photo of them published in a magazine. Sure, you may have 10,000 followers on Instagram who see your posts but the value of a photo in print is not comparable. This ink will be marked on paper to stand the test of time. You don’t have to be a friend or a follower to see it, just an enthusiast. Strive to be an enthusiast and our sport will continue to grow.

The growth of wakesurfing over the past ten years has grown exponentially. From contests to freeriding to simply having fun after wakeboarding all day because you can’t hold on to the rope any longer. Having fun is what has been responsible for growing our sport and should be at the forefront of every sport.

There is no doubt that companies are catering to the needs of wakesurfing. Whether it be boat manufacturers increasing the size and shape of their wave, board brands expanding their models to cater to every type of rider, or accessory brands continually coming up with ways to surf behind your older boat (pre surf system). There are an abundant amount of wake makers/shapers out there but one in particular I like is the Delta by Mission. Throw a few Sumo Max bags in your boat and suction the Delta to the opposite side you are going to surf on and your 96’ Nautique will be reeling like Snapper Rocks! It’s these things that continue to grow our sport because you, the enthusiast, created the demand.

As I mentioned before, it’s April and the season is here! With over 25 stops this year on the World Series of Wake Surfing tour it is guaranteed to be the hottest year yet of competitive wakesurfing. With the amount of prizes and cash being dished out at each stop you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity. Aside from the winnings, these contests bring our community together and the camaraderie is exceptional. At no other event will you feel the comfort level and family vibe that the World Series of Wakesurfing tour puts off.

The first event is next month, so if you haven’t dusted off your board, dialed in your wake and started learning new tricks you are behind. And if you are here to merely have fun and pass the smiles on, the season has just begun! Be safe, wear a life jacket and enjoy the summer.