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Build ups are always exciting! You get all these thoughts of what its going to be like and usually it’s totally different, even better, or it just goes all to hell. In this case I looked at the first stop of the World Series of Wakesurfing, the Supreme Wakesurf Championship, as a testing agent as I am sure many did. It’s just amazing to see the state of the sport of wakesurfing. For me it was the first time in 10 years since I have gone to compete in the sport and a first to cover it as an Editor. The mustard seed I once knew I learned is not a mustard seed any more for an event. The Worlds bring on another meaning to me now than just one brand having one event a year. You now have a number of events with a number of boats meaning a number of waves to test ones skill. So if you podium at any of the stops it means you get a ride straight to the World Finals in Vegas or where ever the location may be this year. That’s pretty cool! It just gives you motivation to kick it up a notch with your surfing. So me being my first time back I had no expectations. It was more of a lets see what the pack is doing and just go have fun and see what these events are about. And it’s exactly what I learned. A lot of fun is to be had at these events. You have companies like the Maverik’s gang who are just around to ride the biggest wave they can produce. You get the notion it’s not about small waves any more in the sport with these guys around. As well, lets bump the trick amplitude up. I saw a number of athletes just stomping trick after trick back to back to back. Plus I realized the boat manufactures to the sponsors are thinking of ways to improve on what is already a great platform. And if you were like me you were hanging around the Cantina a lot. You got the top field in the world waiting around that place with music bumping amping everyone up for there turn to ride and break loose. And why not when you had Sean Cummings and a couple other comentators making it spicey for the crowd. I even got a stab at the mic and had fun. So to me if a sport is gonna grow the key element is having fun. So when I was looking for a pack of wild hyenas caged up for athletes it was intriguing to me as everyone got along, was cordial, and really supported each other at the Cantina and the event. It made me realize the sport has come into its own and yeah I’d like to roll out to more of these events this year. So if you are ever around or near any of the World Series of Wakesurfing events I highly suggest checking them out, and if you’re not the competitor type come any ways as it’s a lot of fun to be around this crowd. For now I am excited it’s an amazing start in the competitive realm of wakesurfing. Here is a thumbs up to the first stop of the World Series for its now in the books as a go to event on my calendar from here on out. – JS

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