Shoes or Sandals: Barefoot

Frontside or Backside: I like the backside 

Trunks or Wetsuit: Nude 

Grip or Wax: Grip, wax sucks it melts everywhere

Pizza or Smoothy: Wheatgrass shot 

Yoga or Gym: Both 

Text or Call: Neither, I hate talking to people

Movie or Video Games: Movie all day, who plays video games anymore?? 

Hawaii or Home: Hawaii, never been there but it looks way nicer than home haha 

Truck or Car: Truck. I’ve had a 03 Toyota tundra since I was 16. Love that truck

Air or Shuv: Air over wake skimming any day 

Party or Sleep: party. I don’t get tired 

Switch or Regular: Regular,  I surf like a kook switch. 

Skim or Surf: don’t ask stupid questions…

Blonde or Brunette: I’m a sucker for blondes. Can’t help myself haha

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