Shoes or Sandals:  Shoes most definitely.  Although I live in sandals, I would much rather have on my tennis shoes

Frontside or Backside:  Front side.  I play around with backside but I’m not too good.

Trunks or Wetsuit:  Trunks for sure.  I’m too tall and skinny so wetsuits don’t fit me at all, so I’m usually cold

Grip or Wax:  Grip traction for sure.  I’m not a fan of wax because I cant ever remember to bring it to save my life and I don’t want to be left stranded.  Traction with a big arch bar is my favorite

Pizza or Smoothy:  Pepperoni pizza all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yoga or Gym:  Does the lake count as yoga?  If so then yoga!

Text or Call:  I’m fine with either, although I text wayyyyyy more than talk.

Movie or Video Games:  Movies for sure.  I’ve never liked playing video games.  I don’t watch a lot of movies either but I’d rather watch a movie.

Hawaii or Home:  Home.  Home is where my boat is stored and it is hard to look at her from Hawaii.  Unless I can surf across the pacific with her.

Truck or Car:  I am most definitely a truck guy.  I drive a 1974 Chevy Blazer that is lifted and has 35 inch tires.  I also drive a Ford F-250 that is lifted and on 35 inch tires as well.  Life is too short to drive boring vehicles.  That is probably why I’m 17 and on my 5th vehicle

Air or Shuv:  I seem to be known for my airs, so I would go with airs for sure.  I love to jump.  Maybe I am part Kangaroo

Party or Sleep:  I like to party!  Nothing better than that.  But sleep I do need, even if its only like an hour.

Switch or Regular:  Regular!

Skim or Surf:  Surf!  I ride my Hunter Clement Pro model by Soulcraft.

Blonde or Brunette:  That is a tough one but I would go with blondes for sure.  They make me feel a lot smarter ;)