Bikini or Sweats: I wish I could wear a bikini all day every day!
Weighted boat or Non weighted Boat: Rub rails under water please.
Boyfreind or Husband: Husband 🙂
Icecream or Italian food: Ice cream for dinner yummmm.
Switch or Normal Stance: Normal stance.
Bike or Scooter: Bike.
Skateboard or Skim: Skim.
24′ Boat or 21′: 24′ boat.
Horror or Romantic Movie: Romantic, forbidden love stories are my favorite.
The color pink or Blue: All shades of blue, my favorite color.
Phone call or text: Text.
Race car or Limo: LIMO!
Mansion or Small house: Small cozy house.
Ocean or Lake: Dang that is hard…. I love everything about the ocean so much more then the lake except for… “WAKESURFING” so I have to say the Lake.
Hawaii or Indonesia: Indonesia 🙂 I’ve been to Bali (Indonesia) and Hawaii. Bali is one of favorite places on this planet.
Rap or Metal: RAP… I think I was a rapper in my past life.
Day Spa or Dinner Date: Feed me and I am happy so dinner.
Port Side or Starboard: Starboard baby