April 8th, 2013 by Submitted

Remote Sweden went to Hip-Notics in Turkey to get in on some preseason shred. This video right here will show us what happend, pretty much…

Video by Rasmus Hed

7 Responses to “Global: #TeamTrippin’”

  1. Pat K Says:

    hahah this was beautiful, cheered me da fuq up after wisdom teeth removal this morning.
    funny as shit guys, loved it

  2. Rasmus Says:

    Thanks for the love guys!
    Here is a link for all the german shredders who can’t watch the youtube-version. I promise we’ll keep uploading all our future vids on Vimeo instead.


  3. John Says:

    Wow Patrick, why are you hating? He is probably some sort of rookie-rider and this movie is made just for fun by the look of it. So if you’re not going to bring positive thoughts to the sport like everyone else is trying so hard to keep, then maybe you should start looking for other communities that suits you better. Because the wake-lifestyle is all about goodtimes, no matter how good you are!

  4. Erik Nilsson Says:

    Yeahhh boyyyssss!

  5. Jeff Says:

    What just happened?

  6. Rasmus Says:

    Strapper bitches hating so much..
    I’ve been riding for like a year, and this was just a preseason warmup.
    So Patrick, come back when your warmup-runs hits Alliance Wake.

    We all try to bring good vibes to this community, so go hate somewhere else..

  7. occupy Says:

    man that tall guy got some crAZY moves there but that other guy can better go on cable one at hip notics! pff.. beginner people


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