CWB has changed the industry by making wakeboard boots easy to get in and out of.  Prior to Hinge, entry and exit was an afterthought industry wide.  Now it is a forethought.  Hinge also delivers Zero Heel Lift.  For 2010 we introduce Heel Lock Hinge.  What you can see from the outside is just a lever.  What you cant see on the inside is an aluminum heel cup lined with EVA.  The two work in conjunction, when the lever is up, the aluminum heel cup pushes up and forward, providing support on just above your heel in the boot.  The result is Zero Heel Lift.  When the lever us down, the aluminum heel cup floats back and provides a looser free floating forward and back feel.  If it wasn’t patented, every boot would have it as it is a “no brainier.”  This innovation is available on our new Gen6-Plates; AA, Marius, Answer, Faction and Ember boots.

Prices range from $279- $399

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Heel Lock Hinge delivers zero heel lift