Not since the winch has an invention come around with as much potential to revolutionize a sport as the "WAKE BOX" that has surfaced on everyone's favorite time waster, Youtube. Basically, it's like a standing wave, but instead of a barrel, it spits water across a flat box, enabling you to literally wakeskate in place.

This things appears to be from France and promises to bring your from "beginner to winner." Perhaps the best part of it being French though is the sweet techno music and light show in the Youtube clips. At first i thought they were playing Dance Rance Revolution on wakeskates.

 Anyway, I'm sure Alliance will be paying for me get one of these any minute now, so if anyone wants to come to my house and shred, I think i'll set it up in my living room for year-round potential.  If you don't want to come to my house though, you should probably get your own by contacting williwaw at