COVER 10_1

Nick Harlos by: Alija Bos

10.1 is here and we’re calling it issue of the year! Nick Harlos’ is rocking the cover on one of the most legit stair sets we have seen yet. Inside You will find 32 of the most insane images to come across our desks this year as well as an exclusive interview with our 2009 ROTY Chris O’Shea!


Nick Ennen by: Mike Yoshida

Congratulations to Chris O’Shea for all of his hard work this year, especially when it comes to pushing freeriding in the limelight! No rider has worked harder than Chris this season and for his efforts he has officially been dubbed with the title “Alliance’s 2009 Rider of the Year!” No he’s not heading to disneyland folks, he’s heading down under to continue to push the sport throughout the Australian summer.


Alliance’s 2009 ROTY Chris O’Shea by: Garrett Cortese

Also be sure to check out the Dustpan instructional on boosting your twitter following with none other than @TheRealBobSoven and @JeffreyMcKee. If you don’t tweet this is your #1 guide to diving in full speed. Finallly, Dieter Humpsh’s mindblowing backside 180 instructional can be found in come correct. Congrats to Dieter as well for his “Most Improved Wakeskater of the Year” award.

Grab a copy of 10.1 and get up on what’s hot!