June 2nd, 2010 by Rusty Manoff

Foxy Shazam
Foxy Shazam
Sire Records

I’ll never forget the first time I came to know the experimental-rock band Foxy Shazam. I was on my way to the 2008 Vans Warped Tour. While trying to find a parking spot in the dust heavy desert parking lot of Chula Vista’s Coors Amphitheater I drove past a tour bus with the words FOXY SHAZAM on the side. I can’t remember if the band was at that Warped Tour but that bus definitely caught my eye. This six-piece band from Cincinnati, Ohio got its name from lead vocalist Eric Nally as a term that his fellow high school friends used as slang for “Cool Shoes”. The bands first single off their debut major label release “Unstoppable” is a concert-screaming track that will knock you off your feet. Take a listen but remember to wear your dancing shoes.

Foxy Shazam “Unstoppable” Trailer from Foxy Shazam on Vimeo.

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