No one can describe a band better than the band themselves. So here it is. “Lower Class Citizens bring raucous ear melting rock ‘n’ roll that make your little sister cry and mother…(rated R section, sorry kids). Straight out of OCMD, this four piece group of shitkickers groove hard and party harder. Keep your ears open for the LCC.” Now if that doesn’t scream rock ‘n’ roll then I don’t know what does. Rock ‘n’ roll music is the heart and soul of what all music is really about and after listening to one song from LCC you’ll understand that statement. Most of you have probably heard a LCC song already. Just take a quick run thru Collin Harrington’s Box of Fun and you’ll know the song when you hear it. “Keep On” is just one track that will light the fire under your feet and make you beg for more.

Lower Class Citizens