Decade: Live at El Macambo
Victory Records

I’m typically not a fan of live albums because they always seem to be less refined than studio recordings; the band often doesn’t sound quite right, the track choice is sub-par, and the list goes on. But with Silverstein’s 10th year CD release, properly named Decade: Live at El Macambo, all my previous live album disappointments were thrown out the window. Silverstein’s front man Shane Told’s voice is just like it is on every studio album and the track selection is perfect. Each of the 22 songs on Decade are the exact songs I would put on my “Best of Silverstein” playlist. I can remember listening to this album for the first time in my car and when “Bleeds No More” came on it made all the hairs stand up on my arms. It was the best opener to any song I have ever heard. Congrats to the boys at Silverstein for ten short years. I’m looking forward to the next ten.