October 21st, 2009 by Rusty Manoff

The Nucc

The Nucc
Snake Oil

Los Angeles has seen their far share of Hip Hop/Indie artist but no one quite like The Nucc. His laid back beats and powerful lyrics make his music enjoyable to all the ventures into the casual Hip Hop world. Nucc’s new album Snake Oil is stacked with eight head nodding fully packed jams that will make you beg for more. I’m betting most of you have already heard some of The Nucc’s music but you just didn’t know it. Nucc’s tracks can be heard on shows like The Ghost Whisperer, Smallville, Parental Control, and Corey Marotta’s favorite, One Tree Hill. Check out The Nucc’s newest music video from his hit “Pressure Press”

One Response to “The Nucc: Snake Oil”

  1. coreymarotta Says:

    Dude, all those chicks are hot. I’ve got that shit on my DVR…


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