We’re already covered rider of the year, rookie, most improved etc., but the awards wouldn’t be complete without some awards unique to Alliance Wakeskate. So we present the final installment of the 2008 awards. Be sure to check out the rider of the year interview and all the other awards, as well as the new issue of Alliance Wakeboard for more.

Mustache of the Year:  1. Aaron Reed 2. Ben Horan  3. Andrew Pastura

Winch of the year: Seadoo at the Toe Jam

Go To Contest Trick of the Year: Late Shuvs

Fail of the Year: Teva Wakeskate Shoes

Netflix Rental of the Year: Homeless

Time Waster of the Year: ea skate

Dance move of the year- Danny Hampson

Darwin award of the Year: wake skis

Run-ender of the Year: Reed Hansen, barefoot out at Worlds

Brostocker of the Year: Bruce Kendall

Party of the Year: Smith Mountain Lake

RIP of the Year: The Standerd

Battleground of the Year: Lake Irma

Hype Beast of the Year: Fun Boots!

Epic Saga of the Year: Not What Cha Think

Surprise Wakeskate epicenter of the Year: Nahunta

Most Progressive Wakeskate Event of the Year: Raging Pull 1

Team Manager of the Year: Silas Thurman

Father of the Year: Gabe Paulson

Ad Campaign of the Year: Supra “I used to wakeboard, but now I fly”

African of the Year: Dieter Humpsch

Standout Blogger of the Year: Kyle Hyams

Wakeskater’s wakeboarder of the Year: Adam Errington

Couple of the Year: James Balzer and Silas Thurman

Paris Hilton of the Year: Patrick Wieland

Comfort Food of the Year: Philly Cheesesteaks

Canvas of the Year: Keaton Bowlby

2008 necessities: Miller High Life, Winch, Floating Tubes, Bamboo, iPhone, Btown trip



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