November 22nd, 2010 by alliance

Pound-for-pound Reed Hansen might not be the best wakeskater in the world, but that’s ‘cause the kid probably weighs a buck-fifty when he’s wet. Inch-for-inch though, and he’s got a chance, ‘cause he’s tall… Dieter Humpsch and Byerly are tall too, but Reed might have them by a hair (especially since he’s growing his out again). Regardless of Reed’s height and weight, he is still one of the best and certainly the most well-rounded wakeskater on the planet. Whether it’s behind the boat, a PWC, on rails, or a winch, Reed handles his wakeskate with an ease that makes it seem unfair to the rest of us; which helps explain how he won his second overall Toe Jam title in a row this year. If you need more proof, just look back to the interview he had in the June 2010 issue of Alliance, or check out the videos below, some of the most-viewed wakeskate videos of the year. On top of all his insane riding skills and slender frame, Reed is also one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and one of the best ambassadors for the constantly growing and evolving sport of wakeskating.

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55 Responses to “2010 Alliance Superlatives – Wakeskater of the Year: Reed Hansen”

  1. waker247 Says:

    So basically you just need to win Toe Jam to become wakeskater of the year?

  2. 3rdCoast Says:

    just twice.

  3. Dieter Humpsch Says:

    ya that and being able to be world champ 4 times in a row.. and being crazy consistent… can shred anything and make your mind explode. let hate begin…

  4. Justin Says:

    Incredible talent, a progressionist…and he dosent even need Nikes!…

  5. Justin H. Says:

    ToeJams and world championships are nifty, but you don’t get wakeskater of the year in my my book until you land an invert…and by invert I mean litteraly going up the wake and hand planting on it Tony Hawk style.

    For now, congratulations Reed.

  6. waker247 Says:

    I never doubted his talent or his consistency.. REED SHREDS!

    In case you guys haven’t noticed, it’s not 2005 anymore and there’s more to wakeskating than just contests. When was his last video part or his last cover? Or when was the last time you saw him throwing down behind the winch, not in contest? Wakeskater of the year should be given to a well-rounded athlete who dominates in every aspect of wakeskating, not just worlds and toe jam.

  7. Sweet Says:

    Um reed has a sick front blunt cover this year and got a full interview and winches more then u waker Learn ur facts kook

  8. waker247 Says:

    Sorry, I forgot about that cover. But show me a full video part with some winching! Something besides his contest run behind the boat!

  9. Evan Says:

    definitely deserved, i feel like hes better than people know. Plus he throws front heels and front big heels like no ones business. congrats!

  10. Trav Says:

    congrats reed!!

  11. Tops Says:

    Good Job Alliance, you got this one very right. Congrats Reed, you really are amazing.

  12. Zak Stone Says:

    GOOD JOB REED!!!! and ya killed it behind your “new” boat… MM had sick sesh!!! Good Edit! re-watching it!

  13. goonie Says:

    good thing he is labeled wakeskater of the year because he’s definitely not waterskater of the year. boat robot of the year might be a better title.

  14. MtM Says:

    i can name three doods right now that had far more coverage and blew way more minds this year that deserve this …BEN, ANDY , NICK. and thats all i have to say about that ..WESUBSIST.COM stop wasting time on a wakeboard site

  15. Watch the video.... Says:

    Did you guys see that video…. Reed Hansen trick for trick blows Ben, Andy, Nick away. And dont act like he cant shred behind a winch because Winch,Jetski,Rails,Boat reed is better then anyone. Get over your butt love for 6.0 guys

  16. Evan Says:

    is it because he doesnt wear jorts he isnt deserving of a ROTY?

  17. waker247 Says:

    Haha Reed is wearing jorts in that boat video that was posted earlier, you idiot.

  18. Eric Says:

    Totally deserves it… this is the video that shouldve been put up again

    Killed it

  19. Eric Says:

    Ha they just changed it to that video

  20. Jones Joey Says:

    MtM U got it right! with u all the way on that one />———–@#_

  21. Mike Grasso Says:

    SWEEEET LUUU !!!! congrats !

  22. waker247 Says:

    Hey “Watch this Video”… Andrew did all of those tricks almost 2 years ago, nice try!

  23. SmokeyBear Says:

    Didn’t Reed win last year? Are you sure this isn’t a repost of 2009?

  24. Riley Says:

    Well at least wakeskaters spread the hate to their own and not just wakeboarders doing indy’s down waterfalls…

    Congrats Reed!

  25. james Says:

    this industry is a piece of crap, when will the riders deserving of a title actually get them ??

    Ya he might win contests, but most of them are behind a boat. Which most wakeskaters hardly ride….

    When was the last time Reed had a video part …..2 maybe 3 years ago??

    Okay so he had a cover for a front blunt on a rail….people have been locking in for years, Reed does it and lands himself a cover

    Reed kills it behind the boat,winch,pwc anything but so do others…….just hating on this industry!!

  26. waker247 Says:

    I wonder if this has anything to do with Patrick being Reed’s number#1 fan? I mean look at the twitter today, he’s already posted like 3 photos of him! We get it Patrick, you are hanging out with pro wakeskaters.. get over yourself.

  27. James Says:

    Give it to Andy p he so good! I just love him
    So much

  28. hokie Says:

    whats the last trick in that first video?

  29. hokie Says:

    by first, I mean the top one…switch fs bigflip or something?

  30. steveP Says:

    everyone is so good these days. you gotta have it all. reed has it all and he is consistant at it. the guy is so amazing that he laughs at some of the tricks that he stomps out first try. i would like to see him shred some more winch spots… i know he would totally destroy some of the spots that other guys are hitting on a regular basis.

  31. daddy Says:

    it’s called a grape flip introduced to wakeskating by mr pastura in the nike vid

  32. Gnarnia Says:

    at least grubb didn’t win this pointless award.

  33. Dieter Humpsch Says:

    yo MtM.. I’m pretty sure Tad or Tj didnt write that. I hope it was some dood who watched mtm and rightfully had their mid blown away!.. Best wakeskate video ever! Nick Andy and Ben are amazing wakeskaters (my favourites) and i can see why you would think that they are better than Reed.

    But firstly.. WATERSKIING and WAKEBOARDING WILL ALWAYS BE APART OF WAKESKATING or “WATERSKATING”  you cant get away from it. U are skimming on water either way u look at it. you guys need to find a way to lose the handle replace the water for concrete.. but then what would u call it?   ;) 

    funny thing is most of these “hardcore winch waterskaters” are actually embarresed to even say they are wakeskaters infront of skateboarders. Yet they love wakeskating so much?

    Secondly if reed did have a full video section this year none of you would be running ur mouths.. I have been filming with reed for the last couple months and yes believe it or not he does winch. And kills it! On everything!  Next year u will see what I’m talking about.

    In my eyes reed definitely deserves this award. May not be the best.. But the most well rounded, talented and  great ambassador for wakeskating. 

  34. Adam A Says:

    Get Em’ Diets! hahaha

  35. EdgarPerez Says:

    Felizitaciones Reed!. Happy Turkey man!

  36. Riley Says:

    the hate is amazing. kids care about skating its rad
    no one says anything about binding awards maybe hard to doubt harleys the best but no one says anything
    hate because you care keep wakeskating progressing

  37. Terry Hershner Says:

    Great job Reed! Thanks for testing that electric winch for us last week. That was awesome! We will have a new faster lighter prototype for you and Mr. Humpsch to test this week. Hope you guys are up for the challenge. Again Congratulations!

  38. Nate Dawg Says:

    Its wakeskater of the year! Reed deserves it more than anyone of those jean short skate board groms that just happend to stumble upon a pond and a winch, I would like to see them, finger flip w2w, or heel flip, w2w… Or just maybe win a contest. KILLIN IT REED!!! if you aint got em hating you aint doing right.

  39. jonathan Says:

    nate dawg- the fingerflip is the worst trick in the book. ask anyone if they would want to do or learn that trick and they will tell you NO THANKS(that funky stuff is for those wackskaters) as for reed’s rocket claimed heelflop…..stu did that lightyears ago when he was a young 18 yr old pup. now he crushes anyone behind boat doing real flip tricks(no finger bull poopy) within a try or two.

  40. Dubs Says:

    Props Reed!! congrats! your killin it bro and blowing my mind at the same time!!!!

  41. Tops Says:

    Jonathan…Reed was the first one to do a heel flip. He was also the first one to do soooo many flip tricks on a wakeskate that it would blow your mind. He is pushing the sport. Can’t figure out why you,re doing all the hatin. Fact is….skaters who do new are helping to grow skating. I will say that it is killin it to see how many people are commenting and expressing their opinions. That to me shows that wakeskaters are passionate about their sport and no matter who your favorite rider is….it’s a good thing! Band of Brothers…..Grow Wakeskating!!!!!

  42. Gene Says:

    okay kids, pick your favorite wakeskater and comment away! hahaha gibb your a kook, stu rides with a marlboro red in his hand

  43. jonathan Says:

    reed-trains everyone else- chills

  44. ahaha Says:

    if you got nikes for free why would you not wear them? and stu is the best.

  45. waker247 Says:


  46. pwn daddy Says:

    long live the king he did all the tricks reed does so much cleaner and with more style so long ago had a couple vid parts and won a couple contest but not bros with the big wackboard heads who pick this thing so really who gives a fuck who the wackboarders want to be rider of the year

  47. Liam Berti Says:

    I think it’s sick to see all this hate and negativity, shows people are actually giving a shit about the sport. BUT, having said that, noone is gonna be satisfied no matter how you call this “award.” If Andy P or Ben got the call then I guarantee that some people would say he doesn’t ride boat as well as others, or doesn’t win contests…..maybe not as many people, but there would still be people out there.

    Regardless, if it bothered you so guys so much this site is run by “wackboarders,” and that they made this decision, then you should’ve stopped checkin’ here a long time ago. Realistically noone gives a shit what we’re all sayin on here anyways.

    Props Reed! Keep shreddin’ better then we wish we all could.

  48. Another James Says:

    They gave this award to Reed because it is not the best boat rider award, they gave this award to Reed because it is not the best wincher award, they gave this to Reed cause it is not the best cable rider award, they gave this award to Reed cause it is not the best rail rider award, they gave it to Reed because he is the best WAKESKATER.

    All around best rider. Not as good as Andy on the winch, not as good at Stu on the boat, not as good at rails as Nick Taylor, not as good as Dieter on the cable, but because he is good at them all and not just one or two.

    If you have ever met Reed you would know that he likes to wakeskate. Not just one certain part of it, but all of it.
    He really strives to prove that to us. As fellow wakeskaters we should respect that.

  49. dood. Says:

    yeah Big Chief! (and Pastor Man, and Z-Boy)
    when you take all the aspects of wakeskating together, Reed is handsdown the best rider. Congrats

  50. Yorr Says:

    he earned it, and none of you pussies did. nuff said. Props reed!

  51. real wakeskating Says:

    He is the best to only you kooks who limit their wakeskate knowledge to patrick wieland videos and toe jam results. I wish people knew the hard work some of these other guys are putting in.. they are just too humble and worry about progressing wakeskating and not dialing in their contest run 6 times a day.

  52. Liam Berti Says:

    quite the contradiction there: “the hard work some of these other guys are putting in”………..”not dialing in their contest run 6 times a day”…. All these guys are putting in crazy amount of work, it just depends on what they all enjoy doing the most. Obviously Reed enjoys it all, perhaps with a slight emphasis on boat. I’m sure Andy, nick, or ben (or any other pro for that matter) enjoy every aspect too, but cleary they enjoy riding winch over anything else. Isn’t that what everyone preaches about the sport all the time? Do whatever you enjoy doing most?

    In the end it doesn’t really matter, everyone of these guys are killing it and it’s sick to watch. You would be lying to yourself if you said you wouln’t want the raw talent that these guys have, including the wakeskater of the year…..

  53. real wakeskating Says:

    Haha one day you’ll realize the different between training and wakeskating.

  54. zach Says:

    i don’t know what all of you guys are fussing about.. Reed won it fair and square.
    congrats Reed, you deserve it

  55. Real wakeskating Says:

    One day you will all realize the difference between slacking off and wakeskating.


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