For a wakeskater, Scott Byerly’s house on Lake Georgia is basically a dream come true. A variety of pulling vessels, boxes, rails, and of course, an awesome lake with lovely water lillies everywhere. But after spending a day there yesterday, I can honestly say, this place is way better than you’d even imagine.

The whole set up is posh — scenic cabanas provide much needed shelter from the 95 degree heat. There’s a basketball hoop for P.I.G. sessions (though they usually play a more colorful version of the game I won’t get into.) And of course, Kim Byerly is the hostess with the mostess! Add to that some of the best riders in the world, just hanging out, and yeah, it’s one fun place to be in Orlando.

I had headed out to shoot with George Daniels and Ross Gardner and I’ll keep it short when I say, these guys are not just hype. Ross has some of the best kickflips I’ve seen in awhile, and George a bunch of tricks back and forth on the rail before he finally fell (due to shallow water.) Bret Little showed up around midday for a trip to Chipotle and then a lock in set on the box. Check for some trick tips in the very near future from the guys.

Aside from riding, preparations were underway for the Byerly Bus Tour, which kicks off on Monday. Check their site for dates, and don’t worry thanks to Kim and Ross’s lady Kristen, the boys will not be hungry!

Right before I left, Reed Hansen and Matt Manzari stopped by to help remove a junk car from the backyard. Those guys are top pros, NBD. Just an average day at Lake Georgia.

So if you are ever so lucky to score an invite to the Byerly compound, well, I don’t even need to tell you to have fun. You will!


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