I gave a little info out about this gap awhile ago in a blog, and now its time for the real deal. This little spot has been dubbed the airport gap. Ya it isn’t massive and maybe you might get arrested and interrogated by the FBI if you play here, but it is still a fun spot. The 2 foot drop allows you to think more about your tricks rather than worrying about sticking the drop. That means you can get pretty tech out here. When I fist saw this spot I figured it would be a perfect place for a beginner or someone who wants to lose their gap virginity just because of how easy the drop would of been. It turns out that beginners aren’t the only ones who like these types of gaps. Im sure if you asked Reed Hansen how much fun he had im sure he’d tell you “it was fun with a capitol F”. This spot is pretty much a canal that runs from the airport in to the narcoossee swamps. This is good because you can get a nice straight line. If you want more room you can just walk the rope out further. Simple as that. O did I mention the no trespassing sign and barbed wire fence you have to go around? It’s like the ones you find at most winch spots except this one has greater consequences to pay up too if you get busted, just because its government property on the other side of that fence. We were asked nicely to leave the one time we were kicked out, and luckily we have been able to time it correctly every time since then and havnt had any problems.

Enough about the sketchyness, back to the actual gap. Setting up for the gap is easy as you come up to it because there is no lip, only a 1 foot wide section of brick that can be easily cleared. The landing is super simple. Right where you land its probably 6 feet deep, and there is some room to ride out your trick. You have to let go soon after though or you will end up in a muddy island up to you waist in the finest mud Florida has to offer. There are plenty of things left that can happen here. A rail put in there somewhere is definitely a possibility. Going up it is a great idea, and it’s doable, but having to take the winch around the no trespassing barbed wire fence is super sketch. If you get caught local 5.0 will not be as cool as they were the first time the kicked us out. If you plan on doing it, do it quick. Another cool thing about this gap is that the planes taking off fly right over the gap and every now and then a big 747 would take off and come over real low, letting you get some good shots if you could time it right. To sum this thing up, this gap is perfect for any rider no matter what their riding level is. Heres a tip, if you want to try this gap out, hit it in the evening. Less authority patrolling the area as it gets later in the day.


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