March 1st, 2010 by garrettcortese

This week in the Alliance Photo Battle, we have a round of the abstract. This photos aren’t your typical “wakeskate action” photos, but we thought both were pretty cool in their own right. It’s up to you web browsers to determine which is the best of the two. Jessica Jacquay’s 4-wheelin’ wakeskatin’ muddin’ gem, or Riley Bathurst’s up close POV of a little wake ollie. Vote and decide.

Photo one by Riley Bathurst

Photo two by Jessica Jacquay

Who deserves some goodies from Oakley?

  • Jessica Jacquay (65%, 217 Votes)
  • Riley Bathurst (35%, 115 Votes)

Total Voters: 333

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This month’s photo battles brought to you by Oakley. The winner will receive a pair of Gascan Sunglasses, a Square O T-shirt and some stickers. To submit your photo for the photo battle, check out the submission guidelines here

25 Responses to “Alliance Photo Battle: March 1, 2010”

  1. hater Says:

    why are all the photo battle pics always terrible? does the delete button on new cameras link straight to this section?

  2. jordan Says:

    Jessicas looks better cropped, and the rider shoulda dropped a shuv in the background

  3. B-nall Says:

    Yo hater, ur picture must have been great considering it didn’t even make it 2 the top 2. Don’t talk trash just because ur picture didn’t cut it!

  4. Brad Says:

    And why did the obviously less impressive photo win last week? I think we need a recount. The voters did not understand the ballot :)

  5. James McGuigan Says:

    is this a joke?

  6. Ashton Says:

    Jessica’s picture totally kicks the other picture’s ass!!!! Whoever you are Jessica you’re badass with your photography skills!!!! :)

  7. Legit Says:

    wow guys … how is a cropped (well could have just been a poorly taken picture) photo considered abstract????? And a dude riding in a creek while looking down.. that is abstract??? This is not hating – this is serious confusion!!!

  8. jessie's cousin Says:

    umm thats not a guy and second i know ur not hating or wat ever u waNT TO SAY BUT ITS HER SHES REALLY GOOD AND WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOUVE EVeR SEEN SOMEONE riding a wakeboard in a creek with a 4-wheeler compared to a boat in a lake

  9. Legit Says:

    nobody is arguing how good anyone is. This is supposed to be a photo contest.

    p.s. wakeskate not wakeboard. and riding in a creek is nothing new…

  10. Callye Says:

    Jessica’s shot is in the middle of a field. Thats what makes it unique. No creek. No ditch. Rider- Brandon Nall. Driver- Brandon Fowler.

  11. Alliance Wake is a Joke Says:

    Oh ya her shot is just so Unique , I bet it took her quite awhile to figure out what angle she was going to use….THE PHOTO ISN’T EVEN IN FOCUS.

  12. Lil B Says:

    Always have haters! Go do something exciting for once…This was more complicated than it looks…

  13. Ian Smith Says:

    hahaha jessica’s is sick! it should be a Kawasaki add lol

  14. the bandit Says:

    alliance wake i am starting to get really dissapointed with some of the things yall are putting on this site…… put some cool shit on here!!!!!!!!

  15. Patrick Wieland Says:

    If you have better pictures to enter send them into to win! We only post what is submitted for the photo battle. You the viewers decide if their good or not.

  16. Legit Says:

    I know for a fact that this photo was submitted and can’t believe it never made it on here before these photos. And yes this tre-flip was landed.

  17. Silky Johnston Says:

    If I had a nickel for every time I’ve seen a 360 flip shot from a chase boat, I’d be able to buy a new coat made from your mama’s pubic hairs. Everyone on here probably likes their hot tubs cold and gets mad when someone has two cars and they only got one. Riding a wakeskate in a field ain’t the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, but you guys might as well just call in a bomb threat to the Special Olympics, maaaan.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go home and put some water in Buck Nasty’s mamma’s dish.

  18. Latane Pitts McNeal Says:

    I will Be looking to see You in your sun glasses

  19. Pounded Silky in the Rear Says:

    Silky Johnston …. crack kills! But for real it is about time we had a decent debate on here. Hats off to Garrett for getting our juices flowing. I can expect that there will be hundreds of photos submitted this week due to this thread!

  20. Reality Says:

    Yo this contest isn’t about the trick it’s about the photo. Lighting, position, frame, etc…. Nothing special about these photos at all…

  21. nobody Says:

    Love the 4 wheeler shot – looks like lots of fun and its an interesting scene.

    But the reentry ollie is killing me: no pop, no angle, no creativity. There had to have been better submissions than that. That is what you shoot your first day with a camera trying to be “abstract” and then an hour later realize its stupid.

    Nice Frye photo though.

  22. pwieland Says:

    you gotta give props to that 4wheeler though its bad ass.

  23. Braxton Says:

    That is bad ass! im gonna try that this summer.
    Ride on

  24. kmcneal Says:

    who won?

  25. brookegeery Says:

    Whoever has the most votes…


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