Dear Santa,

I’m sure you’ve been paying attention (and I heard you are a big wakeskater yourself) but we have been really, really good this year. We update the site almost every day, try to be nice to everyone, and always wear our vest when we ride. So hopefully you still have time to pick up a few more items for us, and we have some suggestions.

First, we’d like a pair of Matix Gusto Boardshorts. These babies have special pockets for our beverages, which always get warm when we hold them in our hands. With these we could actually make use of the cold-ass water on the west coast for something productive- a cooler!

Speaking of that cold water. Our old top is starting to get holes in it and stretches out to fit more like a garbage bag when it gets wet. We were thinking the O’neill Gooru Glide L/S Crew would be mighty awesome to have. It’s good enough for World Cup surfers so it sure would work for us! Oh yeah, our old vest is pretty lame too, and Helium is making some really cool ones. Personally we’d love to get our hands on the Risky Business. It’s stylish, our favorite color (yellow) and looks super comfy. I think I even saw Ben Horan rocking it a few times this year!

I know we said we’ve been nice, but there’s one thing that it’s getting tough to be nice about. The guys we usually ride with listen to terrible music. We’re talking jam band style, but worse. So we’d really like to get the H20 Amphibix Armband. This thing fits any iPod and even our iPhone and keeps it dry and secure while we’re riding. Pretty please! Oh yeah, while we’re on music, we really want a set of Skull Candy Low Rider Headphones. They come in a ton of colors and would be great for drowning out that terrible music we mentioned once we are on the boat.

Another thing we need for chilling on the boat. Some new sunglasses! Number one on our list is the Oakley Jupiters. They are a reissue of the classic Frogskins, and super rad! Of course, if you could find us some mint condition original Frogskins, we’d settle for those too.

One thing we really want to work on this year is lock in tricks. It seems like this is the direction wakeskating is going, we want to support it because it’s awesome. So maybe in our stocking, you could find away to get us some Oak Udders. We promise by next Christmas we’ll at least have noseslides down if you do! One more equipment related thing too. Bi-levels are great, but we keep breaking top decks. So maybe you could hook up a few replacement top decks from Devotid. They are totally affordable and even come with grip tape!

Just one last thing on our list this year. We noticed Integrity has gift certificates and we know they’ve got some amazing stuff coming out for ’09 so we were hoping you might be able to hook one of those up. No pressure, but you can get them for any amount from $25 to $5000. Seriously though, no pressure.

Well Santa, we just wanted to say thank you in advance and great job over the past however many years. You really are the bees knees!

Alliance Wakeskate

PS: You’ll get those kickflips! Here’s some more info on the products we mentioned and where to get them.

Matix Gusto Boardshorts
MSRP: $62

O’neill Gooru Glide L/S Crew
MSRP $99.95

H2O Audio: Amphibx
MSRP: $79.99

Oak Udders
MSRP: $29.95

Devotid Replacement Top Deck
MSRP: $99

Skull Candy Low Rider Headphone
MSRP: $39.95

Oakley Jupiters
MSRP: $130

Helium Risky Business
MSRP: $136.99

Integrity Gift Certificates


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