July 1st, 2012 by Patrick Wieland

What an insane event! So much awesomeness happened at Battle Falls this past weekend. Its hard to sum it all up, so hopefully this video gives you an idea of what went down. Reed Hansen absolutely destroyed it all weekend and built one of the sickest wakeskating setups ever. Big thanks to everyone who made Battle Falls happen! Photos and official write up to come. For now check out the video! Only on Alliancewake.com.

13 Responses to “Battle Falls Video”

  1. Dylan Miller Says:


  2. Daniel J Maxwell Says:

    Looks super fun to ride but the Retention event at Horan’s was better, more tech!

  3. steve Says:

    So sick! Battle Falls>Retention

  4. fvckit Says:

    what trick was hansen’s closer v heel?

  5. Patrick Wieland Says:

    Front Inward Heel I believe.

  6. ?????? Says:

    Its just nice that you have a 2.0 so you dont have to walk it back everytime, i like that they mellowed the drop on the down rail, but i did like the flat bar that didnt drop at retention made shuvs off HUGE

  7. ?????? Says:


  8. fvckit Says:

    Thanks alot man, fun little edit, great riding all around the tour really has stepped up, looking forward to catching one in person before the get too big haha

  9. Ryan Petrie Says:

    Was the darkslide intentional? Either way it was great!

  10. ray from rodney Says:

    reed did a front heel to close it out!!

  11. Dylan Says:

    SO sick! yeeeew!

  13. Zak Ott Stone Says:

    WOW! What a great day for Wakeskating Great job guys!


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