Blake Steele
Age: 16
Home: Louisiana
Years riding: about a year and a half
Sponsors: Integrity, Mom and Dad
Boat, PWC or Winch? PWC
Wake or sliders? sliders
Film or photos? Film
Skateboard or wakeboard? skateboard
Pool gaps or natural winching? Gool Paps
Metal or rap? Rap
Home or away? Home

I’ve known Blake for about a year now. When I met him he was just this crazy young kid who loved to ride. He didn’t know the names of any pros, nor did he care. He was just out having a blast. I’ve watched him progress from barely landing shuv-its to doing 3 flips and backside bigflips and everything in between– over one summer! I’ve never seen such natural raw talent in my life. The kid can kickflip higher then most of us can ollie! After watching him throw down the most solid nothing-but-banger run, switching back and forth from switch to regular, I just had to laugh and tell him that he is WAY too good. He replied calmly by saying… “not yet.” This kid is the future. – Ryan Lemons