Name: Bret Little
Age: 22
Home: Austin, Texas, but resides in San Marcos
Years riding: 2.5
Sponsors: Liquid Force, Adio, WakeCulture Clothing, Skatepark of Austin, Under360, and the Texas Ski Ranch.
Boat, PWC or Winch? Boat or the Grinch
Wake or rails I don’t ride enough wake
Film or photos? Both
Skateboard or wakeboard? Skateboard
Vest or no vest? Vest
TV shows or Movies? Movies
Metal or rap? Hip Hop
Home or away? Home

I met Bret Little while filming at the Texas Ski Ranch for Innuendo. I certainly took notice to his rail riding, but what really impressed me was that I couldn't tell when he was riding switch. And that's not to say that he rides well switch. I literally couldn't tell if this kid was goofy or regular, and that's usually not too hard when watching wakeskating.

Since then I have been back to Austin many times, and I've gotten to not only ride with Bret, but he's also shown me all around the Austin scene. Bret will always go ride no matter how his knee feels from slamming it into that support post the other day. He is one of the only people I will play SKATE with on the cable. Last time he took me out with a switch flip, first try. Yeah, no big deal, just a switch flip.

I could say Bret is underrated or doesn't get the respect he deserves, but that's so cliche. The truth is that Bret is, for the most part, still unrated. He doesn't go out of his way to show off his skills. He just wants to live the dream, and go to school. He's not blinded with hopes of becoming a wakeskate superstar. He works his ass off at the Texas Ski Ranch to afford him the opportunity to ride whenever he wants, but he still puts school first. Well, I say that it's about time we throw cliches out the window, and burn whatever underrated list that Bret Little is inscribed on. Live the dream!