On August 13th, Twenty of Ontario’s best wakeskaters came down to the Bayou Cable park in the small farming town of Amaranth to compete in the biggest, best  and most out of control wakeskate competition in Canada, Bungle in the Jungle!! The day started out mellow with practice on the four posted in rails and but as noon rolled around the hot sun caused some sort of fever and the guys were ready to compete! The Billabong Amateur division was off the dock first and this group of 6 guys did awesome most had never even hit a rail before but everyone stepped up their game and went for it. We saw multiple shuv-its, 180’s and people’s first boardslides. After it was all said and done we had three riders who really stood out and took home a butt load of Billabong and Bayou Prizes.

Amateur Finals

1st Ryan Tryhane

2nd Jeff Phillips

3rd Brennan Grange

The Pro wakeskate division was up next and the skaters were broken down into three qualifying heats with top two advancing to finals and we witnessed some of the best wakeskating that has happened in Canada! Big spins and kickflips were thrown all over the lake and the guys put together some awesome rail lines. Scott Boysen was a stand out with his stylish front boards, backlips and his backlip bs 270 out of the up rail. Jordan Sullivan and Tommy Bailey were also stand out Thrashers with shuvs off the rails and multiple flat water tricks. But it was Brady Hicks who took home the top cash prize after linking some good rail lines, big spins and flip tricks. We crowned the top three pros at the Bungle after party where Addison Farr, Tommy Bailey and Brady Hicks were presented with a wad of cash and some amazing Bungle in the Jungle tiki trophy’s provided by JBR designs.

Bungle in the Jungle – 2011


Heat 1:

Jordan Sullivan

Tommy Bailey

Mark Enns

Evan Reid

Heat 2:

Brady Hicks

Austin Farr

Vince Whiteman

Braden Ioi

Heat 3:

Scott Boysen

Addison Farr

Laurie Leblanc

Ryan Tryhane


Brady Hicks 14564.6 points

Tommy Bailey 11783.6 points

Addison Farr 9567.9 points

Jordan Sullivan 9002.0 points

Austin Farr 5734.1 points

Scott Boysen 2000.0 points

We would like to thank everyone who helped out and everyone who came out to Bungle. Special Shout outs go to our generous sponsors who really made this event happen! Jon, Pat and Brennan Grange at The Bayou Cable, Byan Pady and Megan at Billabong, Scott Boysen and Vince Whiteman at Thrashin’, Jeff, Yuri, Jim and Cait at JBR designs, Paul Saberton at Levelthirtn wakeskates, Pat Donelly at Pattern productions. Would also like to thank Leslie Sparks, Dan Hughes and Tim Detlor!