May 1st, 2013 by Spencer Norris

The 10th Annual Byerly Toe Jam went O-F-F! Here’s a few clicks from the madness. For more photos and info check out

7 Responses to “Byerly Toe Jam Hammers”

  1. Reed Hansen Says:

    Sick Edit Spencer!

    I would like to clear the air on that front big heel. I fell, that cut away was to a landing on a kickflip front board that i was pumped on.
    I did not do a front big heel down that drop.

  2. hmm Says:

    1:49 seriously? You’re jump cutting fake landings in to the point where pro riders are having to say something.

  3. Evan Says:

    Standup guy right there. Thanks for the clear up Reed!

  4. Brad Arnold Says:


  5. dew Says:


  6. mikey Says:

    Yan’s kflip backlip was beautiful. thanks for sharing

  7. beni Says:

    yans kickyback d was sick and the filming was well got the point across


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