February 16th, 2011 by alliancewakeskate

Ben "Wait, Did anyone bring wax?"

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That crazy crew over at Remote Wakeskates sent us a ton of photos from their team trip at the end of 2010. Included in all the rad riding shots were all these behind the scene shots and we couldn’t help but too add caption to them. If only remote knew how picture cameras take video these days.

6 Responses to “Caption That: Remote Team Trip”

  1. Jefferson Says:

    I didn’t know Ben had a Crailtap tattoo. Yes! Hahaha

  2. jeff Says:

    were those real quotes or were they trying to be funny.. i dont get it

  3. Hahahaha Says:

    No they weren’t real these guys wouldn’t hang out with Patrick. These are just wakeboarder interpretations.. Wakeskaters dont say “slaying it”.

  4. Patrick Wieland Says:

    Ya right! I hang out with these guys all the time…

  5. question Says:

    I like it. Good to see whats going on in the wakeskate world. Keep it coming!

    But what does this mean – Hey Yan did you hear about the alligator that swims around in all the time? What does swim around in all the time mean

  6. Gnarnia Says:

    wow it’s like brooke’s working here again!


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