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photo: Lugo

Age: 17
Home:     Orlando, FL
Years Riding: 4 years
Board: 41.5 Oak Pit Spitter
Shoes: Nike 6.0 Mavrk
Best place you’ve ridden: Airport property behind the four wheeler
Favorite rider: Matt Carter
Sponsors: Nada
Boat or PWC?: PWC
Cable or Winch?: Winch
Rails or flip tricks?: Rails
Skateboard or wakeboard?: Skateboard
Sunrise or sunset sesh?: Sunset
Metal or rap?: Country
Country or blues?: Bluegrass
Home or away?: Home
Michael Jackson or Patrick Swayze?: Patrick Swayze with them sweet dance moves!

Watching Cody Rivet wakeskate for ten minutes it’s pretty easy to recognize this young man’s great potential on the water.  He is already reaching impressive levels of style and consistency to match his equally impressive trick repertoire, and to be honest Cody is just scratching the surface.  At only seventeen years old, Cody has plenty of time ahead of him to continue progressing, and if he keeps going at the rate he is at now then he will easily be one of the best.  Not many people know how quickly this guy can learn tricks, but it’s almost scary.  I saw him stick a perfect flats toeside frontside flip on his third try EVER.  And his consistency is rival to any top pro.  It’s not uncommon to see his third trick off the dock to be a kickflip caught an easy fifteen inches off the water.  Cody took his wakeskating directly from skateboarding, and it totally shows.  It didn’t take him long to get to an advanced level behind the jet ski and cable, and I have no doubt whatsoever that he can reach great heights in the lock-in and winching arenas as well.  With 360 flips and backside flips already under his belt (both in the flats), Cody is nipping at the heels of our sports top riders, and they don’t even know his name.  It’s refreshing to see a rider with his potential to have such a love for wakeskating and not be worried an inch about sponsors or exposure (note his “favorite place ever ridden”).  Keep up the good work Cody, and you’ll go far.– David Hanson