August 16th, 2013 by Submitted

Danny put it all on the line for the summer of 2013. Sit back and watch this Danny Hampson epic unfold before your very eyes.

Produced: Collin Harrington

26 Responses to “Danny Hampson – Graceland”

  1. We The People Says:

    Yea Danny! BOOSTIN! best all around skate clip in awhile!

  2. phil aslinger Says:

    Damn Dan! Epic brah.

  3. David Says:

    Dude is numero uno. Untouchable.

  4. Nice Says:

    Probably one of the best video sections in wake sports history. Seriously. That’s not just a great skate clip. That demonstrated that dude’s mastery of wake sports in general. You can’t do those ridiculous wake airs he was doing without knowing how to wakeboard. It’s nice to see a nod to those roots. You’re not doing those gaps, those flip tricks, and the obstacles without knowing how to skateboard. It’s nice to see a nod to those roots. You’re not slashing and carving like that without a gift for riding sideways. It’s nice to see a nod to those roots. And behind all of it, a good, fun, grateful vibe. Someone should give that guy money, women, and prizes.

  5. TB Says:

    Awesome man that’s so cool to see you shredding amazing again and great to see the flip tricks back – was that a varial heel down the drop in the first section? Loved those bails on the big spins to the flats during the credits too – they were monster

  6. BAM Says:


  7. Spencer Thames Says:

    Vid of the year status!

  8. Michael Williams Says:

    Simply Amazing! You can tell he has been working hard!! Can’t believe some of the tricks he linked together!!

  9. Rusty Manoff Says:

    Insane work boys. Dan you are truly an amazing human!

  10. lonnie Says:

    You can’t do those ridiculous wake airs he was doing without knowing how to wakeboard.

  11. Wow Says:

    Crushing it! Makes me want to wakeskate

  12. dope Says:

    as if it couldn’t get any better, then they add the slams!

  13. dan f Says:

    sickest edit this year skate or wake. homie is killing it

  14. Jon DIckey Says:

    That was so dope!

  15. bobby Says:

    You don’t see many wakeskaters taking it into the flats…dope

  16. TheSpangler Says:

    That was gnarly, the lines and the airs to the flat, the bails, part of the year.

  17. Zach Duncan Says:

    Only one of those heart-warming Hampson laughs?!

  18. bro Says:

    awesome filming and editing! props to the dedication

  19. never been a fan Says:

    I AM A FAN! good lord, baby jesus. wake or skate that was spectacular.

  20. Scott Says:

    Ridiculous video part! Danny looks like he’s come back from the future…

  21. chad Says:

    Love to see the full parts coming out. So sick Danny & Collin

  22. Martin Says:

    That was incredible…

  23. Yup Says:

    This is incredible! Every “pro” should have to do this once a year.

  24. Tracie Thomson Says:

    Best skate edit since “A Day in the Life”..

  25. Michael Singer Says:

    the poke to bs180 @ 1:51 yes.

  26. stuart shinn Says:

    best video part i have ever seen! Dan you killed it bud.


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