Silas Thurman – Iced. photo courtesy of Jason Lee

Silas, Tell us about the first:

Pro you ever rode with:

Collin Wright

CD you ever bought:

Seriously I can’t remember and I never bought that many CDs, but sometime in the very early 90’s before Austin Pastura was born I bought Guns and Roses “Use Your Illusion.”

Car you ever had:

1983 Honda accord burgundy stick shift.

Time you drank “a little too much”:

On my 21st birthday… Just kidding. 16 a six pack of MGD dancing to “don’t go chasing waterfalls” with my older cousins hot friend.

Overseas trip you took for  wakeskating:

South Korea with Gregg Necrason.

Athlete you ever sponsored as a team manager:

Matt Manzari that little rascal.

Injury from wakeskating:

Nothing broken yet, knock on wood. Just bad bruises and cuts.

Email address you ever had:

I still have the same yahoo one I’ve had now I have a remote one too.

Ed. note – (we were hoping for something along the lines of “ for that last one)

Check you ever cashed from wakeskating:

Nationals 04 or 05 it was not a lot.

Song you put on when you get in the car:

I mix it up. There’s a good mix in my truck a little MJ, Paul Simon, that questions weird. I don’t put the same song on every time I get in the car. If I did though it would be Beat it by MJ. It’s so good I think they probably lost it when they made that beat.

Time you and Henshaw got into it and why:

We were talking wake politics with Greenwood and we all had a few beers and at the end of the night the Canadian in Kev came out so we slammed around in the house then into the garage. Don’t tell him, but I rolled his ass up.