Age: 22
Home: Manning, SC
Years riding: 3 years
Sponsors: Oak, The Board Room
Boat, PWC or Winch? PWC
Wake or rails? Wake
Film or photos? Either or both
Skateboard or wakeboard? skateboard
Inclines  or  boxes?  Boxes
Pool gaps or natural winching? Haven’t done too much winching, so pool gaps
Metal or rap? Classic Rock
Home or away? Depends on what time, like em both
Kickflips or Heelflips: Kickflips
Huntin or Fishin: Don’t really do either, but fishing
Biscuits or Grits: Cornbread

Gib Gibbons wakeskates in slip-ons, enough said.  I’m not sure if he wears them because he looks super awesome in them, or if they actually hold some secret to his wakeskate prowess, but whatever the reason, they work. In all honesty though, I think that helps to describe Gib’s attitude toward water boarding. The kid loves to ride, and doesn’t take it too seriously, which is starting to become a dying art in our quickly progressing sport.  Any day of the week, you can be sure that Gib is at least getting his two sets on the water in, and probably hitting up the cable later on as well. Whether you want to do some chase shooting from the ski, float out on the tube, or even go do a little winchin’, Gib has every possible toy at your disposal making his house quite the photographers paradise.  As if this wasn’t enough to entice one to head there immediately, Gib is quite a talented rider as well. A member of the ever prestigious Oak team, he is quickly becoming a master of all facets of wakeskating. From flip tricks to wake tricks to rails, the kid shreds it all. He is even helping to push the envelope a little being the first ever to land a varial heel in a contest (Toe Jam no less) and stomping new tricks like his patented wake to wake 180 nosegrab late finger shuv (you know you must be getting pretty good when it takes that long to say your trick name).  Bottom line, Gib is an all around nice guy and a very talented rider that will hopefully be around to push the sport for years to come.


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