Chicks dig scars. But do boys dig chicks with scars? I sure hope so. A dress with griptape burn down both legs? Sexy? Or Awkward? I'm not sure. But you have to take pride in your grip burn regardless.

I can list 12 something girls in the Orlando area alone that I can call to wakeskate, and I live with 3 of them. Those are some pretty good numbers and they are only going to increase. Basically, if guys don't dig scars then they better start.

There is definitely a lack of respect as far as women's riding goes right now, but I can't necessarily blame them. Respect is something that has to be earned. We have some serious work to do. I would love to see more girls charging it wake to wake and winching gaps. Another flip trick variation (or two) is on its way, I can feel it. Keep charging it. Let's see a wake to wake three, a varial flip, and a kickflip down a gap.

Want respect? Let's start here:
– Learn to POP your tricks. It's credibility and feels way better under your feet.
– Don't limit yourself to only riding with girls, you have a lot to learn from the boys as well. There shouldn't be any segregation here, we both ride, end of discussion.
– Don't skip ollie 180s and go straight for 3 shuvs, that's like running before you know how to crawl. It's about not quantity, it's quality.
– Throw some steeze in there…tweaks & pokes.
– Learn how to drive the boat/jestski/winch if you don't already and offer to drive.
– Never use the fact you are a girl as an excuse.

Sure we can get away with all kinds of stuff by just pulling the 'girl' card. It may be easier to get free gear, get away with not paying for gas, not have to drive, etc…but don't you feel like that's cheap? I don't want any kind of hand-outs solely based on the fact I'm a girl, sure it's convenient, but its also degrading. Hold yourself to a higher standard, and your friends, it's called accountability.

On that note, there is a girl's shred day coming up soon! Nothing too crazy, just a bunch of girls getting together to ride and hang out on the boat. There are high chances of grilling, jamming out, riding doubles, and ending up in the pool (because every party ends in the pool). Keep your eye out for more info! Until then, fall throwing your deepest switch carve, it's worth it. Hah, see you on the water.