Name: James Balzer
Age: 23
Home: Cloverdale, BC
Years riding: 4 years
Sponsors: Liquid Force, Body Glove, Reef
Boat, PWC or Winch? Boat
Wake or sliders? Wake, I like to take air
Film or photos? Photos
Skateboard or wakeboard? wakeboard
Inclines or boxes? Inclines
Pool gaps or natural winching? Natural, god made it
Metal or rap? Country
Home or away? Home.

As I was writing this article Balzer actually called me, and after chuckling over the coincidence of it all, I asked him what he wanted to make sure I included in the write up. “Make sure it says ‘I love God’ at the end…and that George (Daniels) is my buddy. And that I love everyone.” That pretty much takes over in one sentence everything I had written about him as a person, leaving me only room to write about how great he rides a wakeskate. James Balzer’s Canadian roots are pretty evident in several things. For one, he ain’t scared. But most important of all is the fact that he never takes wakeskating for granted. Jimmy recently told me the story of his first time ever on a wakeskate: it was on his neighbor’s farm, getting pulled across a pond in a cow pasture. That right there is proof that James really likes wakeskating a LOT; he doesn’t just do it because it’s convenient. One thing that’s awesome about James is how much he just enjoys the whole vibe of wakeskating, not just trying to win a contest. He is one of the most entertaining, friendly people I have ever met and truly enjoys every second of what he’s doing. He really proved himself this year on the Byerly Toe Jam as a consistent, smooth, and creative wakeskater, not only freeriding but also under the pressure of a contest. Luckily for us, he’s still focused enough to present his wakeskating in a stylish and legitimate way, and is also the first person to introduce the wakeskate community to the Madonna! Thanks for everything James. Oh, and he loves God.