Age: 17
Home:  Denham Springs, LA

Years riding? 2..ish
Sponsors? Rukus Board Sports, Parents
Favorite spot? Amite River
Regular or goofy? Regular
Boat, PWC or Winch? Yep
Wake or sliders?  Sliders
Film or photos? Film
Skateboard or wakeboard? Skateboard
Inclines or boxes? Incline
Pool gaps or natural winching? Pool Gaps
Metal or rap?  Rap
Home or away? Home
Guitar Hero or Super Smash Brothers? Super Smash Bros.

Josh is just the coolest, most chill person you will ever meet. He loves the sport more than anyone I know. He does it for fun and just loves being on his wakeskate. Josh has progressed so much since he started, and he keeps on progressing. It’s so fun to watch him ride, because no matter what, he is always goofing off and having such a good time, all the while throwing down hammers (not real hammers). His style is effortless. I ride with him everyday and never get tired of watching him. Today I was filming him and he says, “let me get a few tricks,” and he did exactly that. Every pass by the dock he would throw like 3 hammers back to back to back. We are like always helping each other out trying to get better and always having fun. I can’t imagine what Josh is going to be doing 1 or 2 years from now, but I can’t wait to see.– Blake Steele


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