The Judo FS 180 is a really fun variation of a nosegrab 180 that can be done anywhere. Wake to wake, inside out, flats, down gaps, and up gaps; I can’t think of a place where judo 180s aren’t fun.  As with most advanced tricks, this one has a few prerequisites.  A good nosegrab 180 with a SOLID grab is very necessary on this one.  We’ll go for the wake to wake here…

Uno – Take your normal cut that you would for a wake to wake 180, but with more weight on your back foot.

Dos- As you ride up the wake, make sure to pop off the lip with a good deal of weight on your back foot so that you can pop the nose of the board up to your hand.

Tres- Take your front hand off the handle and get ready to catch the nose. Try to pop it up to your hand as much as you can instead of reaching down for it. This will help you keep your balance much better.

Cuatro- As you float up with the frontside 180, transfer the weight of your front foot to the nosegrab and get ready to let the sky taste your fury.

Cinco- This is the climax. (JUDO KICK!)

Seís y siete- Now that the moment of glory is over, your have to land it. With your hand still controlling the nose, pull it in to a stable position to finish the 180, putting your foot back on the skate as you start to come down.

Ocho , nueva a diéz- As with any wake to wake maneuver, you are going to try to land on the downward transition of the second wake. The last full second in the air is going to determine how stable your landing position is, which has to do with how smooth you are with wake to wake 180s. Low handle position is key.

Now go do some one-footers!


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