Photo: Jake Slone

Location: St. Petersburg, Fl
Date: 3/21/09
Trick: Hardflip
Approx temp: Well into the 80’s
Winch driver: Russell Brightwell

We arrived into Tampa late into the evening on Friday night, so we could awake early in the morning for a full day of winching. We got up around 9:00 am and headed to a local bagel shop to grab breakfast. After some home made bagels, We headed straight
to the infamous Seminole Gap so that we could warm up. It was a ghost town. With not a soul in sight Justin didn’t hesitate to grab the rope and run her out. Justin started the day off with a beautiful shuv down the gap. His very next pull he stomped a kickflip, hair still dry. To our surprise this was only Justin’s warm-up, he had another trick in mind before he would call it quits. Six pulls later Justin stuck a hardflip down Seminole Gap, however he dragged  his hand for a split second. He was convinced he could land it cleaner and the next pull he stuck it again clean as a whistle!