Before I get in to how to flip a wakeskate off a rail, or incline,  I want urge you very much to practice flipping boards on trampolines.  It save gas, energy, and most importantly frustration.  Also you want to make sure and have your board slides or lip slides down.  Always ollie onto the apparatus. It makes the slide much mo’ better.

1. The Approach-  Make sure you get a super consistent edge  into the incline, or rail.  Hang your front foot off just a little, like your setting up for a kickflip.

2. The Ollie-  Ollie early and try and square yourself over the rail as you hit it.  As seen here you want and ride more on the tail, riding up the the incline so when you come off you are tail heavy, and that will keep the nose higher when you reach the end.

3. The slide- keep your knees bent, and have your front foot ready to kick.

4.  Keep your eyes on the board, and watch for the rails end.

5. The Exit-  As you reach the end, leave the rail completely, and lift both your feet off the board. Flip or kick the board (which ever you feel more comfortable).  Sometimes trying to flick the board more towards the middle helps when attempting off rails.  It will keep the nose higher, and it wont nose dive before you land on it.

6.  The Flip-   While watching your skate flip under you keep your feet and legs up out of the way.

7. The Catch-  Look for the grip tape, and try and catch the flip with your back foot, before it hits the water.

8. The Landing-  As your feet  catch the board,  bend your knees to shock the impact.

9. The Ride away-  Keep your knees bent and head down.  And get ready for your next banger.

Once you learn this trick, there are so many different ways to play with it off inclines. Have a great time out there dudes.

-Cab Flips
-Frontside Flips
-Switch Kickflips
-Varial Flips


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