As you may or may not know this past weekend a bunch of people from all over (mostly California) got together for what is known as the Nor Cal Convergence. I had the pleasure of attending one of these shindig's last fall and let me tell you, I partied my little liver off. I also had my first experience riding in that world famous California Delta (complete with floating 2 by 4's).

Sadly because I still try and live my life like a nomad and take life as it comes. That translates to nothing getting planned til the last minute, which results in missing epic get togethers like the Convergence. On the bright side I got a text from Goonie Little Ryan saying that his mom was out of town and he was throwing a rager at her house (just kidding mom). He said that I could crash at his place and eat all the free food I could scavenge and I could even do some laundry. Then Saturday we could drop the ski in at Mission Bay in SD.

I am always super stoked to ride somewhere new and that I've heard a lot about, especially when it's the real birthplace of wake sports. When Saturday came around Ryan and I both got pulls until we couldn't stand any longer while another waterboarding Goonie by the name of Mish came out to just drive and excite us with his entertaining antics and epiphanies regarding the current state of wake (thanks for waking up early to drive all morning, to just then go back to the Goon and continue to drive lessons all day). After riding an hour long set each we rode again, but this time we rode doubles.

Apparently it was Mish's first time to Mission Bay too, because the whole time he was driving he was taking pictures, going about 15 MPH and just generally driving like an asshole (at this time I would like to retract my thank you from Mish, jk!) After a few games of S.K.A.T.E. on the trampoline we headed out to the Lagoon for a round of recession sessions. We hung out for a bit and scoped out the scene until we saw the owner had pulled up. We decided it would be a good idea to avoid talking to him by going to Pita Pit (so bomb).

After stuffing our faces of pita and unloading our droors, we took a 3 or 4 hour nap on the porch until the buoy line on the Goon was as flat as the stocks on wall street. 2 passes complete with buoy bashes and some wake to wakes is all a guy living in the concrete jungle can ask for these days. Overall I would say the Lo Cal Convergence complete with recession sessions and buoy bashes was a complete success. I hung out with some good homeys, got to ride somewhere completely new and rode until the sun went down. Mission accomplished.

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