Name: Luis Becqueriaux
Age: 28
Home: Barcelona, Spain
Sponsors: Liquid Force, Correct Craft, Cult Wear, 1080 Shop,
Boat, pwc or winch? All together in the same place is the best.
Wake or rails? both
Film or photos? both
Skateboard or wakeboard? Really skateboard
Inclines or boxes? Inclines
Pool gaps or natural winching? Natural winching
Metal or rap? Metal and 420 rap
Home or away? Away. Orlando rails invaders

I have known Luis since 1998. The first time that I saw him was in the Lake of SAU in Barcelona, we organized a championship of wakeboard it was just the beginning. His style is very peculiar and purified– he is always there with tricks with pop and shuv-its off of rails.

We have gone to Orlando together the past few years. Our trips include a Chevy El Camino, hitting cars without being able to avoid it, eating a thousand small hot dogs before going to OWC to wakeskate. Luis likes to travel and know new people, but whom thoroughly he would like to know is Angelina Jolie and have a son with her.

This year he landed his first kickflip and is getting them consistently. He likes making his friends laugh, everything that is illegal and living the life to top. He is always ready to teach to his friends new tricks and motivate people to get out on the water.