BY James McGuigan

Mayport, FL

On Wednesday afternoon I received a call from Tyler Mangus informing me that Megan Miller was coming up to Jacksonville. She was there for a festival, but wanted to shoot some wakeskating as well. I called a few people in my phone and by Friday morning we had a crew set and headed towards Mayport, where Tyler directed us. Upon arriving there we met up with Tyler, Mike, Bobby, and Megan, and followed them to the gap. It was buried all the way in the back of a neighborhood at a dead end, perfect.

The gap was a beauty and one that I recognized from a UGP ad with Kyle Hyams. She had an 8 foot wide concrete flat section at the top with a downward bank which gave it a total width of around 15ft and height of 4-5 feet. The landing zone was only waist deep with a concrete bottom, probably the only downside to the gap. It had a dead on straight pull with an easy walk out. We stayed in Jacksonville for 2 days and didn’t hit any other gap. This one was just perfect with endless possibilities, and it was bust proof.  Thank you Tyler and Mike for the hospitality and bringing us to this dime.

On the second day of sessioning the gap we had the bright idea of bringing Tylers thigh high 8 foot long box to the gap, and we laid it on top of the 8 foot wide concrete section. Mike grabbed his wakeboard and charged her with a steezy frontboard. Be sure to check out We’re Just Skiing for the footage, and also check out our blog at

0310081612Tyler Backside shifty

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