November 23rd, 2009 by alliancewakeskate


Photographer: James McGuigan
Date: November of 2008
Location: Electic, Alabama
Trick: Ollie

I managed to get this shot while on a week-long trip with the La Sewer crew filming for Change is Good in Alabama. There was 11 of us staying in Sawyer’s house, including Ben Horan, Tyler Mangus, Kyle Walton, Vinny Knapp, Russell Brightwell, Brandon Rau, Funky, Josh, Kevin from Devotid, Jon and Myself. The least I can say is it was a mad house, with every morning consisting of Kyle getting us up at 5am. On the day we decided to head to the 50 gap, I didn’t even bring my board. I had been to this beast before and left limping and sore, considering the landing is made up of millions of jagged rocks 3 feet below the water. Not to mention you only have 30 feet before running into dry jagged rocks, you have to exectue this gap flawlessly. The good news is Tyler and Kyle have balls of steel and charged her, even in the 50 degree weather. This was Kyle’s 2nd time to the gap and he was determined to come back with revenge to land a back 180, but unfortuantly 50 gap is up 2-0 on Kyle. Tyler managed to squeeze in a clean ollie, which I happend to capture through some leaves showing the changing of colors in fall.

Tech Specs:
Camera: Canon EOS 30D
Lens: Stock Kit Lens
Shutter: 1/640
Aperture: f9.0

10 Responses to “Monday Cover: Tyler Mangus”

  2. james Says:

    13 of us how could I forget Mr Jake Slone and LuLu!

  3. james Says:

    fall is a season…spring summer fall winter

  4. Sawyer Says:

    nice shot james… 50 gap, the beast she is.. looks like a princess from the rd.. until you walk up on her.. then she’ll cut your throat hhahahhaha.. kyle just landed a switch fs 180 on it… no complied shakespeare

  5. casey Says:

    switch fs 180 down this? and no complying a shakespeare???? when is the new la sewer video coming out i can’t wait any longer!!!

  8. Grasso Says:

    Yeah tyler .. lookking good

  9. james Says:

    tell walton to no comply 80 grass gap haha , man a picture of a no comply down shakespeare would look ill!

  10. TJ Says:

    tyler mangus is the shit


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