October 28th, 2009 by Patrick Wieland
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You’ve heard all about it. You’ve seen all the pictures. You’ve listened to the hype. Now watch it.

Song Title: Broken Watches

Artist: Air Castles

You’ve heard all about it. You’ve seen all the pictures. You’ve listened to the hype. Now watch it.
Song Title: Broken Watches
Artist: Air Castles

47 Responses to “Night Of The Living Shred:Video”

  1. Chet Says:

    have you ever NOT reused a song?

  2. Slim Suge Says:

    Riding is sick. Why does the music always have to suck so much? All that EMO crap. Do all wakeskaters have to listen to gay ass music?

  3. triggamike Says:

    if you spent half the time on actually getting unfocused shots instead of making fillers that go in and out of focus, it wouldn’t cause headaches to people who are trying to watch this stuff, effects ftl

  4. DirtyBrown Says:

    Could have been a good vid if pwieland could film or edit, not a fan. Learn how to Focus

  5. hater Says:

    Yeah! It sucks when people try do anything different or creative! Lets keep all wakeskate videos the same! Yeah!

  6. hater Says:

    The riding is great and I love the concept but enough of the dirty cracker.

    this song doesnt go with the halloween vibe at all and you need to learn how to film so the rtiders arent always out of the frame.
    alliance, why do you support this kid?

  7. asteroid asteroid Says:

    i think it’s time people start to see the glass half full instead of half empty. maybe next time they dont post a video and you can complain about that. sure i didnt agree with the music selection (who gives a fuck if it’s been used before) and the out of focus shots where a bit much but instead of focusing my energy on the negative i’m gonna appreciate the good angles, the quality of footage, the riding, the original idea and guts to try something new and different. i’m gonna give it one thumb up and one thumb pointed to the side. i enjoyed it.

  8. Oatmeal Says:

    I wasn’t a fan of the concept even.. sorry. Also the fact that you made… a trailer. For a 4 minute video? And tried to build hype? For a 4 minute video. That just.. didn’t work. Your titling is getting a bit.. less.. bad. So that’s good. Otherwise.. I’m sorry. I’m just.. i’m sorry.

    Sick riding.

  9. cosmo killa Says:

    i think alliance supports this kid cause he goes out and gets shit done, instead of sitting back and complaining about how everything sucks

  10. triggamike Says:

    you mean like traveling to diff states and filmin diff comps? wow I dunno anybody else that does that, most people don’t feel the need to put filmed by me edited by me and produced by me in everything they do, alot of people go out there and film diff contest and diff riders, except they don’t need the self fulfillment that some others seem to crave

  11. Chet Says:

    Settling for quantity over quality will make or break a “magazine.” I’d rather see a sick quarterly mag over a crappy monthly mag full of filler, covering a sport that doesn’t have enough money to pay professionals to provide their content.

  12. cosmo killa Says:

    yeah p weiland is the first person to ever credit himself for putting time and effort towards a video or movie. WARNING to anyone out there: if you make a video, or movie, take a photo or make anything for that matter DO NOT give yourself credit for your work. do not satisfy yourself with that kind of “self fulfillment”. and no i mean coming up with new ideas for web videos and making this his job. whether or not you like it, this dude works hard and you wouldn’t have seen half of the stuff thats gone on in orlando if it wasn’t for him.

    by the way, good thing this is the internet and not a magazine

  13. Chet Says:

    Actually, Alliance Wakeskate has been considered an “online magazine” for a few years now, hence the MONDAY COVERS. And just like a print mag, people expect to see quality stuff, not the equivalent to those free pamphlets you pick up outside the gas station. Good thing this site is free, though. And at least the photo’s came out sick!

  14. Kirby Says:

    “i think alliance supports this kid cause he goes out and gets shit done, instead of sitting back and complaining about how everything sucks”

  15. Facebook User Says:

    wow, what a bunch of complaining little bitches most of you are.. Be happy that their is some one out there who Loves our sport enough to film it everyday and put shit like this out on the internet.. Were all in it becuase we love Wakeskating.. If you dont like it, pick up a camera and do something about it..

  16. cosmo killa Says:

    i think alliance has just concentrated on using there websites as tools to get information out in a timely matter. there print issues are still full of the quality stuff you are looking for. i see you commenting on here quite a bit so they must be doing something right to tickle your repeat offending fancy.

    disney world would be nothing without those gas station pamphlets

  17. IJO Says:

    Nice video
    We want only winch video

  18. Omar Radejko Says:

    u guys should stop complaining, this guy is sick enough to film everything tht goes down and just cuz hes trying something new with the focus doesnt mean u hav to be asses about it

  19. Please Says:

    Hey Slim Suge, I was just wondering. How is the new Hinder record? I bet you know all the words.

  20. waffta Says:

    dude! nice vid… keep up the good work! too many haters out there man…

  21. Austin Says:

    Solid riding guys, I’m sure those conditions were challenging to film in…I thought it was a fresh video with a nice seasonal vibe. Keep doing what you love!

    “True salvation is freedom from negativity, and above all from past and future as a psychological need.”
    Eckhart Tolle

  22. Ej Says:

    damn how sick was that ending.

  23. cheapskate Says:

    where is Waldo??? He is wakeskatin’ in jeans!!!!!

  24. keith Says:

    that song was used better here!!


  25. mikey t Says:

    thanks pat. looked like a great time.wish i coulda been there.

  26. danielle Says:

    i think u people should appreciate the time that pat and the riders took to put this video together. it takes heart and motivation to make these films happen. dont listen to all the dumb fuck haters that get pleasure from puttin others down… go jump off a cliff haters…u all r just miserable and have to put others down to make yourself feel better. have u ever heard of the word respect?

  27. marcus Says:

    sweet video, looked like a fun night

  28. Flavissima Pichler Says:

    look very nice edit, amazing video!!!!

  29. OTT Says:

    “Can’t please everyone and last night those people were at my show”

    -Mitch Hedberg

  30. Mortimer Dunkirk Says:

    What is it called when folks deflect their lack of talent and motivation and deficits dealing with any descriptive or creative output? What is it called when some finger pecking no talent child who lives with Mom and Dad,complains via a computer or hand held device not purchased by the above mentioned non working , no life having, disgruntled diaper wearing,internet worshiping simpleton who never chips in on gas after a tow? What do you call a sap who could not recognize cinematic technique if it jumped up and swallowed him in his 50.00 board shorts and his no ollie hole havin’ wakeskate shoes that spend as much time landlocked as all those unridden boards they have hanging on their bedroom wall.
    When you can make a film and actually work to make it happen. Buy the equipment. Find great riders who care more about riding than free proddy and photo ops. Find someone who is willing to back your vision while you pull hours on a day job and film whenever possible. Maybe just maybe you can comment on somebody elses art and choose whatever horse manure music you want. So what would you call someone of such limitless lack of talent?
    How about a joker,douche bag, mommas boy, mooch,putz, boob, tool, twit,moron,sloth, ignoramus, drooler,plebeian,mook, mommas boy, dim wit, knuckle dragger,whiner, void,friendless,diminutive, jack ass. In summation, a person who will never have their own section.

  31. Mitchell Cobb Says:

    please close this thread.

    riding was great. editing is the same as usual from patrick. get over it people.

    I found waldo <—- first

  32. Marcos Smith Says:

    Great video!
    Aquafrolics rules!!
    Stoked Nike 6.0 built those rail!
    Can’t wait to see whats next.

  33. Vincey C Says:

    i thought it was pretty good, C’mon just enjoy the wakeskating. stop hating

  34. 863allday Says:

    dvs edit just got killed. there wasnt any epic fotty for that song.

  35. DownW/Whackboarders Says:

    Get over barneys, go strap into your boots, go to your frat parties, and do your curls in the gym. Its wakeskating, enjoy the riding or go do another raley

  36. Teleprompted Anthems Says:

    Oh, I’m sorry, I though this was the Alliance website…Looks like I’ve stumbled onto WakeWorld by accident…

  37. triggamike Says:

    i guess i should get usta this quality from alliance and just stop expecting more and more instead of the same shots over and over but with effects, i usta look forward to this site, lately minus the kallas vid it doesn’t seem to be the case

  38. JasonMraz Says:

    this video would of been sick if anyone but pwieland made it. Alliance just take his name off the videos and I will like em

  39. Roman Rusinov Says:

    Good job, man. I wouldn’t care about all this negative comments.

  40. Mitchell Cobb Says:

    Kirbys overcrook :O

  41. Seth Pangle Says:

    pwieland rules! These haters are just jealous of his skill, talent, and inspirational work. You deserve a raise Pat!

  42. john Says:

    who else has ever put this much effort into an internet video?

    the more i watch it the more i like it. Lets see some more new fresh stuff! I liked that it was a breathe of fresh air for everyone who wakeskates.

    chase boat is soooooooo boring these days. Its like the same amount of cool as filming from the boat.

  43. john Says:

    mike, everyone knows you dont like this kid. so why dont you pull the stick out of your vagina and shut up. you sound like a whiny little 13 year old girl.

  44. triggamike Says:

    really? i havn’t said anything truely negative about him or anything besides I don’t like the style, and your best response is shut up pussy? nice. i deff look like the 13yr old here

  45. pwieland Says:

    Thanks everyone! I have withheld my own 2 cents during the course of this awesome sinking ship of comments to see where it would go. For everyone who was stoked on the video thanks a lot! It does take a lot of time, effort and trouble to do things like this but its totally worth it seeing people stoked.

    I am already planning the next shoot soon!

  46. john Says:

    trigga mike, you’re a douche bag.

    “if you spent half the time on actually getting unfocused shots instead of making fillers that go in and out of focus, it wouldn’t cause headaches to people who are trying to watch this stuff, effects ftl”

  47. coolerthenyou Says:

    Horrible video! Sorry, but you have to take the good with the bad. You can’t do everything right.


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