Today started like any other day — a quick chug of my Superfood health drink, a cigarette, and a drive to the office. Once there I sat in the office, I checked the myspace, and I may or may not have taken a nap. Regardless of all that, the day took off in a direction I was not expecting.
Nike 6.0 invited us to participate in their annual Migration program. I was not prepared for the free buffet, babes, make believe supervision, or the wild abandonment that met me there. After all isn’t Nike about jocks? No, apparently 6.0 it is not. The Migration stormed the shores of the Willamette river in Portland, Oregon on this day. I wasn’t expecting a great time when I got there, but the bikini clad babes, wild boating activities, and after party were enough to piqued my interests.
The highlight of the day was one unnamed wakeskater and his international romance. At the beach he met a blonde bombshell straight from the Iron Curtain who spoke the dirtiest things into his ears only to translate them a minute later to his delight. After enough dirty talk we were bored and in a fashion fitting the mustached madman asked for a kiss and took off on a boat headed for the choppy death of the Willamette.
The kids, adults, and unfortunately the crypt keeper (speedo wearing gross old man) all took in a bit of Portland’s pooper known as the north Willamette and loved every minute of it. Will we catch diseases who knows? Do we care? not yet.
Nemo design threw the after party. The party was fun. You weren’t there so you don’t get to know how fun, sorry, some secrets are for those in attendance.
Tomorrow, or by the time you read this today, we go to the Nike campus after an all night assignment to edit 5 hours of footage. Rumor has it they are giving us the place to get rowdy in, should be fun. Moral of the story kids: get sponsored by Nike because they are a great time. No sleep till Nike!